The added value emerges and develops through consistent use of knowledge gained.

The survey alone does not bring the desired result. With the survey results you receive proposals with direct benefit for your strategic steps- from business development process up to a customer experience strategy. Benchmarks, Change Management Tools and professional Knowledge Management based on the data from the survey are targeted for your specific objective.



Trader Analysis

Business Development


Service consultation performance of the sales person on POS

SALES says the sales person. IMAGE says marketing. PRODUCT DETAILS says product management.

What do the sales persons say who sell your products to customers? We thoroughly test the selling talent of your sales persons on POS. We go as potential customers to your trading partners and get advice anonymously.

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Your organisation has been growing organically over the last years. You want to continue to grow and sell in new markets to new B2B customers? Are you looking for methods to help you to identify new customers efficiently? Are you searching for means to identify quality customer contacts? Do you want to support your sales department professionally and at reasonable costs?

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