Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is geared towards the establishment of settings, opinions, brand loyalty and concerted practices of the sales persons on POS. Your sales persons are your capital! The satisfaction of your customers is mirrored sustainibly in your sales figures. Make a program that is based on your customers orientation. Mystery tests are suitable methods for testing the service quality in customer contact. You get structured, fair and objective feedback from us.

  • The sales management gets detailed information about the actual situation on POS about brand loyalty of retailers to their businesses and to their products.
  • The product management finds out the most essential product features which lead to its being sold as well as product details and prices of competitors products.
  • For the marketing department we analyze the image of your trademark and the effectiveness of merchandising on POS.


  • With which arguments your products are actually being sold.
  • How your product differs from competitor products on POS.
  • If your product is spontaneously and actively being offered by your sales persons to potential end customers on POS.